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Imagine – Beatles Memorabilia Lives On

Regardless of what the arrogant Ringo Starr thinks about his fans, one thing is for certain, Beatles Fans are not just a nostalgic loyal bunch.  Beatles fans can be found in every corner of the world and fit into all demographics that you can imagine.  If you look up “Beatles memorabilia” on Google, you will find that there are more than a quarter million websites dedicated to the Fab Four and interest keeps getting bigger and bigger each year and the money just keeps rolling in for the band and the music that we all love.  Most people have at least one memory of the band and most of us have a least one piece of memorabilia stored away somewhere.

One of the things that make collecting Beatles memorabilia interesting and fun is that there is so much of it available for public purchase.  You can purchase and collect new and reproduction posters and prints at many different outlets including Posters.com or odd collectibles at buythebeatles.com.  However, for the true collector and connoisseur of Beatles memorabilia, just like collectors of other antiques & collectibles, part of the allure and the fun is the actual hunt.  It is always more interesting to me if I find a neat old photograph or quirky collectible at someone’s yard sale or in some box at an auction.

Annual Historic Alexandria Antiques Show

If you visit the 60th Annual Historic Alexandria Antiques Show, which is held at the Holiday Inn Historic District, you will be greeted at the door by none other than George Washington himself . . . or at least as played by renowned re-enactor Carl Closs.  The Historic Alexandria Antiques Show, which will be held on Friday thru Sunday, November 14 – 16, 2008, features close to forty top ranked antiques dealers selling all manner of antique furniture, vintage collectibles, fine art, art glass, silver, ceramics and antique jewelry.  Proceeds from this show benefit the Historic Alexandria Foundation.


Because of the enormous amount of memorabilia available, you can find Fab Four memorabilia just about anywhere including local yard and garage sales, flea markets, antique shops, malls and stores as well as thrift stores and auctions, both live and online. A recent search of eBay for “The Beatles” brought in more than 8,550 results, with everything from vintage record albums and T-shirts to posters, pictures and autographs.  Pricing is another reason collectors are quick to purchase Beatles memorabilia.

Prices can vary for any antique, collectible or vintage memorabilia and Beatle memorabilia is not exception.  The search of eBay revealed prices from under a dollar for a postcard to over $11,500 for a signed Linda McCartney picture of The Beatles.  Of course, the rarer the collectible, the more it is worth; an example of this recently was a letter that was written by John Lennon and sold by Bonham’s.  The letter, which was written to a New York Times journalist, brought in more than $25,000 from a bidder in England.


Newsletter November 7, 2008
Beatles Memorabilia, Cash Registers, Posters

Upcoming Antique Shows & Flea Markets

NOVA-Antiques.com provides the most comprehensive antiques show and flea market calendar for the Mid Atlantic region.

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Vintage Movie Posters for the Collector & Investor

In the article about Beatles memorabilia we made mention of vintage posters and one of the things that more and more people are collecting and investing in nowadays is vintage posters.  This is evident by a recent auction of vintage movie posters held in Texas by Heritage Auction Galleries, which brought in more $1.75 million. We don’t know if the prices will remain constant with the economy tanking, but from all indications in our online research, vintage posters are at least holding steady for now and we believe it is because of the wide audience that vintage posters have.

Whether you are just a collector interested in starting your own collection or you are in it for investment purposes, there are a few things that you should consider before getting into this field.  First and foremost, if you are a collector for pleasure, one thing to consider is where and how will you display these posters?  Large posters obviously take up a lot of room. A second consideration whether you are a collector or investor, and probably your most important decision is which genre I want to collect. 

There are hundreds of genres; vintage movie posters, horror, paintings and art, political and natural history are just a few.  Keep in mind, that if you buy these as an investment you might get stuck with them later, so you may as well buy posters of a genre you don’t mind keeping for yourself.  Lastly, make sure that you are getting the original posters and not a reproduction. Unfortunately, the vintage poster market is one where reproductions run rampant, so do your research before you buy.


Dumb Mikey on the Farm

Mikey decides that he’s tired of city life and goes out and buys a farm.  Mikey contemplates and decides that the best thing to do with all this land is to start a chicken farm.  So off he goes and buys one hundred chickens to start off with and get the place running.  The chicken dealer looked at him funny when he came back a month later and bought another hundred chickens.  After another month, Mikey comes in again and wants another hundred chickens.  The dealer asks him, “Why are you buying so many chickens?”  To which Mikey replies in a dismayed tone, “I thought chicken farming was going to be easy but I must be planting them too deeply.”


Record Auction Price for Russian Artist Kazimir Malevich Painting

After dismal sales of paintings and fine art in August of 2008 at both Sotheby’s and Christie’s, the new month has brought in better results.  This week, a painting by the Russian artist Kazimir Malevich brought in a record price of $60 million at an auction in New York.  Painted in 1916 by Malevich, who was born in Kiev in 1878, the painting had been displayed at Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum before it was returned to the artist’s family. 

Malevich was a geometric abstract painter is credited as being the originator of Avant-garde Suprematist movement.  He studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture was well as the studio of Fedor Rerberg.  Some consider his exhibition in 1913 in Moscow as the place that brought his name and art to the forefront of the world.  Kazimir Malevich died in Leningrad in 1935.


Upcoming Auctions

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Brief History of Antique Cash Registers

In 1879, James Ritty, a tavern owner in Ohio first invented the cash register, which revolutionized how store keepers and other retailers completed business transactions.  Gone were the days of not having a receipt or a record, which is what drove Mr. Ritty and his brother John to create his invention.  It is rumored that his employees were serving the customers but pocketing the money.  The Rittys then opened a small manufacturing plant and started producing registers, but they’re idea didn’t take off until after they had given up in 1884 and sold their interest in the company to John H. Patterson, who named the company The National Cash Register Company.

From the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s business boomed and cash registers started making their debut in all types of business establishments. Many of the early cash registers were made of brass and are beautiful pieces of art, but many others were made of different materials including cast iron and wood and covered with finishes that include brass, nickel plate and copper.  Many of the early cash registers were also hand cranked and it wasn’t until 1906 that the electric cash register was invented by Charles F. Kettering, who was working for The National Cash Register Company.


Upcoming Estate Sales

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